Хотите отдохнуть вдали от городской суеты? Приглашаем посетить наш гостиничный комплекс в д.Падар

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The hotel complex is located in the small and picturesque village of Padar, which is 300 km from the Minsk-Mogilev Highway, Kruglyanski District of Mogilev Region, which can be reached by a convenient asphalted road. We are pleased to offer you an exciting and unforgettable vacation among forests rich in mushrooms, berries, and medicinal herbs, with many forest trails suitable for hiking and biking in summer and skiing in winter, with beaver dams and the purest springs.

The complex includes a hunting seat with four two-bed rooms, a cottage-type sleeping unit with three two-bed rooms and a two-bed gamekeeper’s lodge. Comfortable rooms combine home coziness and original design decoration. Each room has a kitchen fully equipped for independent food cooking and table setting. If desired, we can assist with catering.

Hunting and fishing

Teterinskoye SFI has its own hunting lands with an area of 77.2 thousand hectares located in the north-western part of Mogilev Region with the boundaries coinciding with the administrative boundaries of Kruglyansky District.

Our territory is rich in pine and spruce forests, swamps and forest lakes, flora and fauna. Experienced gamekeepers will help you organize a successful hunt. We offer seasonal hunting for our guests.

Carp, crucian carp and sheat fish paid fishing is available for fishing fans from June 1 to October 1 at the Kozlyanka pond located a kilometer from the hotel complex. In winter time, pike and perch ice fishing is also available.

Hunting price list

PRICE LIST for hunting trophies at hunting ranges in organizing hunting tours for foreign citizens (except for citizens of the Eurasian Economic Union member states) Teterinskoye SFI I. STAY FEE. Hunter and accompanying person stay in Padar hunting lodge per one day /prices in EUR/  –  in double rooms 62 EUR Stay in the cottage-type


Charcoal On the territory of the State Forestry Institution «Teterinskoye» there are two workshops for annealing charcoal. There are 17 charcoal kilns installed at the sites. Charcoal is a solid, porous, high-carbon product formed when wood is heated without (or with little) air in ovens or retorts. Charcoal has a very wide range of uses.