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Hunting and fishing

Teterinskoye SFI has its own hunting lands with an area of 77.2 thousand hectares located in the north-western part of Mogilev Region with the boundaries coinciding with the administrative boundaries of Kruglyansky District.

Our territory is rich in pine and spruce forests, swamps and forest lakes, flora and fauna.

Experienced gamekeepers will help you organize a successful hunt.

We offer seasonal hunting for our guests.

Spring season:

  • grouse and black grouse (on lekking grounds);
  • woodcock (on roding);
  • goose (while migrating);
  • drake (with a flocked duck).

Summer and autumn season:

  • water fowl.

Winter season:

  • wolf (with flags);
  • fox (on a snowmobile);
  • selective tower hunting (deer, wild boar).

Summer season:

  • wild boar (on fields damaged by cattle);
  • roebuck (trophy hunting).

Autumn season:

  • deer (during bell);
  • moose (during groan).

Autumn and winter season:

  • drive hunting for moose, wild boar, deer, roe deer, as well as individual hunting for all species.

Guest services include:

  • accommodation in Padar hotel complex consisting of a hunting seat (8 beds) and a cottage-type sleeping unit (6 beds);
  • sauna.

Additional services::

  • transfer to the hunting place and back;
  • snowmobile rental.

Carp, crucian carp and sheat fish paid fishing is available for fishing fans from June 1 to October 1 at the Kozlyanka pond located a kilometer from the hotel complex. In winter time, pike and perch ice fishing is also available.

For more details, please call:

Chief Game Manager

Voronich Vasily Aleksandrovich — 8(02234)70-182, +375 (33) 330-18-74, +375 (29) 316-72-28

Teterinskoye SFI Information Department