Hunting and fishing
Glhu «Teterinskoe has kotugodella of 77.2 thousand hectares, is situated in the North-West part of Mogilev region, the boundaries of which coincide with the administrative boundaries of the kruglyansky district.

Our territory is rich in pine forests and spruce forests, swamps and forest lakes, flora and fauna.

Experienced Rangers will help you organize a successful hunt.

We offer seasonal hunting for our guests.

Spring season:

— grouse, black grouse (on currents);

— woodcock (traction);

— goose (on flights);

— Drake (with decoy).

Summer season:

— boar (hunting for herbs);

-ROE deer-male (trophy).

Summer-autumn season:

— waterfowl.

Autumn season:

— deer (on roar);

— moose (moaning).

Autumn-winter season:

— corral hunting for elk, wild boar, deer, ROE deer, as well as individual hunting for all species.

Winter season:

— wolf (with flags);

— Fox (snowmobile);

— selection hunting from the towers (deer, wild boar).

The hotel offers:

— accommodation in the hotel complex «Padar», which consists of a hunting base (8 beds) and a dormitory cottage (6 beds);

— bath services.


— delivery to the hunting place and back;

— snowmobile rental.

For lovers of fishing in the period from June 1 to October 1 on the pond Kozlyanka, which is located a kilometer from the hotel complex, available paid fishing for carp, carp and catfish. As well as in the winter – ice fishing pike and perch.

More information you can find on the phone:

Chief hunter Voronich Vasily Alexandrovich 8(02234)70182, 8(033) 330 1874, 8(029)316-72-28