Wood processing and production of fuel briquettes
In glhu «Teterinskoe» there is wood production, which is located in the village of Volkovskiy.The main types of wood processing is the production of edged and unedged lumber from hardwood and softwood and the production of fuel briquettes.

The production employs 66 people. The main direction — production of export production, edged non-figurative timber.

Monthly shops processed from 1200 to 1500 m3 of wood.

At mechanical processing of wood the considerable quantity of the wood waste consisting of scraps, sawdust, shavings, chips is formed. Therefore in glhu «Teterinskoye» it was decided to organize waste-free production by pressing of waste of a woodworking in fuel briquettes.

Fuel briquettes-wood fuel obtained by pressing well-crushed wood raw materials. They are environmentally friendly fuels, the superior caloric value of conventional wood. A great advantage is the constant temperature during combustion for four hours. Briquettes burn with a minimum amount of smoke, do not shoot, do not spark.

In the implementation of fuel briquettes are hermetically Packed in shrink film. Packed 12 pieces in one pack is 10 kg. and Then placed for 96 packages on one pallet.

More information you can get by phone :

Marketing engineer Oleg A. Tsyrkunov +375 (33) 330 51 91

Accountant woodworking shop Rasolko Svetlana Leonovna 8 02234 69 072.