On the territory of GLHU “Teterinskoe” there are two workshops for annealing charcoal. On the plots installed 17 charcoal kilns.

Charcoal is a solid porous high carbon product that is formed when wood is heated without access (or with little access) of air in furnaces or retarders.

Technological scheme of production includes the following steps:

– mechanical preparation of wood and its storage;

– drying of raw materials;

– wood pyrolysis;

– cooling of coal;

– sorting and packaging of finished products.

Charcoal has a very wide range of applications. It is widely used in industry, at home, in public utilities and agriculture, in rail transport.

Charcoal is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels that meets the highest requirements in contrast to wood, peat and coal. The main benefits of charcoal are as follows:

– Ready fuel of high quality, environmentally friendly and safe;

– during combustion does not form smoke and flame, while giving the desired temperature;

– high heat emission;

– the absence of any harmful substances;

– can be used for grilling, barbecue, fireplaces and open fires.

Woodworking and production of fuel briquettes
There is a woodworking production on the territory of the State Forestry Institution “Teterinskoe”, which is located in the village of Volkovshchina. The main types of wood processing are the production of edged and unedged sawn timber from hardwood and softwood and fuel briquettes.

The production employs 45 people. The main direction is the production of export products, edged and uneven lumber.

Every month, the workshops process from 1,200 to 1,500 m3 of wood.

When machining wood, a significant amount of wood waste is formed, consisting of scraps, sawdust, shavings, chips. Therefore, in the State Forestry Institution “Teterinskoe” it was decided to organize non-waste production by pressing woodworking wastes into fuel briquettes.

Fuel briquettes – wood fuel, obtained by pressing well shredded wood raw materials. They are environmentally friendly fuel, exceeding the calories of conventional firewood. The great advantage is the constancy of the temperature during combustion for four hours. Briquettes burn with a minimum amount of smoke, do not shoot, do not spark.

When selling, fuel briquettes are hermetically packed in shrink film. Packed in 12 pieces in one package and is 10 kg. Then 96 packs per pallet are placed.

For more information, please call:

Marketing Engineer Tsyrkunov Oleg Anatolyevich +375 (33) 330 51 91

Accountant woodworking shop Rasolko Svetlana Leonovna 8 02234 69 072.